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Claire & Joe

Claire and Joe made the most amazing decision to get married in Claire’s spiritual home of Tuscany. They chose the spellbinding Villa Catignano as their venue and had an amazing week of living La Dolce Vita, relaxing  and enjoying their guests company in the beautiful Siena Countryside, culminating with their jaw-droppingly gorgeous wedding at the end….

Becca & Duncan

      I often laugh with couples that I can get teary eyed during the speeches, but Becca and Duncan’s beautiful humanist ceremony was so moving that it had me sobbing throughout.  I have never seen such an intensely unique, fun and emotional ceremony, which was tailored to be so personal by the awesome…

Roxy & Will

Roxy and Will poured so much of their hearts and souls into their beautiful October wedding at Broyle Place, Lewes, it was truly EPIC (and memorable – Will made it by the skin of his teeth due to a broken-down camper van!) and we seriously spent the whole day smiling. Roxy and Will had decked…

Lisa & Ash

Lisa & Ash are two of the warmest, funniest, most creative and fun loving people that you could be blessed to be friends with. Lisa is a creative wedding florist herself so I knew to expect great things of the wedding flowers!  The two of them decided to marry in their hometown of London at…